Volunteer Application

The first step to volunteering at Meadowridge is to fill out the Application Form. Once completed you will be contacted to discuss the opportunities available to you.

Volunteer Information Contact


Contact us with your ideas on how to get involved!

Volunteer Requirements

All volunteers, including drivers, must complete the Criminal Record Check and Volunteer Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Agreement. Volunteers are not able to begin until these are completed.

If you are volunteering to drive any other child but your own you will need to submit your Driver's Abstract and a copy of your insurance papers.

Volunteer Requirement Checklist & Links

Legalities & Privacy

All Staff and Volunteers at Meadowridge School are required to complete a Police Record Check through the school at least once every five years. To complete your Police Record Check, please contact the Front Desk. This check will be completed through the Ministry of Attorney General’s Office.

All Staff and Volunteers who will be driving Students are required to submit a Driver’s Abstract every school year. To receive your abstract, call ICBC with your Driver’s Licence Number (1.800.950.1498) or visit any ICBC Driver’s Office. ICBC can fax your abstract to us at 604.467.4989. This takes only about three minutes and is free.

All drivers must also carry a minimum of $2 Million third party liability insurance.

All Volunteers are required to read, understand and sign a Code of Conduct/ Oath of Confidentiality before working within the school.

Privacy Statement: Meadowridge School’s Use of Personal Information Policy will not allow this information to be used for solicitation purposes. The information will be provided to the Meadowridge Advancement Department and to the Department/person with whom the Volunteer is working in order to facilitate communication. If you have any questions regarding the Use of Personal Information Policy or other privacy concerns, please contact our Human Resources Office at 604.467.4444 or employment@meadowridge.bc.ca.