Volunteer Requirements

All current and past parents, Alumni, and family members of students are welcome to volunteer at the school. There are 3 to 5 steps in order to volunteer, depending on whether you will be driving students.
To do our due diligence in ensuring the safety of our students, we require that all staff and volunteers at Meadowridge complete a few simple processes before working and volunteering in the School:

Step 1

Volunteer Application Form

If you are interested in volunteering at Meadowridge please complete our Volunteer Application Form. The form is online and easy to fill out.

Complete The Volunteer Application Form

Step 2

Code of Conduct & Confidentiality Agreement

All volunteers are required to read and sign our Volunteer Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Agreement. Please send completed forms to volunteer@meadowridge.bc.ca or drop-off at the Front Office.

Click Here To Sign The Agreement

Step 3

Criminal record check (free & Online)

We ask all our volunteers (including drivers) to complete a Criminal Record Check. It is a free process completely done online. We will receive the assurances within three business days. The results are completely confidential, and the school is not informed of any background but only the decision to approve a candidate.

If you have been in Canada for less than two years you will need to complete your criminal record check in person through a different process. Please make an appointment with Kalie Whitaker to do this (kalie.whitaker@meadowridge.bc.ca).

Access Code: 5DHDNAJAJQ

Online Criminal Record Check Form

Step 4 (Volunteer Driver's Only)

Driver's Abstract

To drive any students other than your own, a Driver’s Abstract must be on file with the school as well as your Criminal Record Check and signed Volunteer Code of Conduct and Agreement. The Driver's Abstract must be complete every school year.

Retrieve Your Driving Record From ICBC
Please have the Driving Record sent to volunteer@meadowridge.bc.ca (there will be a space to put in an email during the process).

Or call 1.800.950.1498 to Complete the Process Over the Phone
To avoid a recorded message and to speed up the process:

  1. Have your Driver's Licence in front of you
  2. Press 4 at the first recording
  3. Press 2 at the second recording
  4. You'll be prompted to say your driver’s license number
  5. You will be connected to a live person
  6. Ask that they fax your driving abstract to the school at 604.467.4989

Step 5 (Volunteer Driver's Only)

Proof of Insurance

Meadowridge requires all volunteers driving students to have a minimum of $2 million third party liability insurance, however having $5 million is suggested. Please email, fax, or drop this off at the Front Office where we will make a photocopy for you.

Email: volunteer@meadowridge.bc.ca

Fax: 604.467.4989

Volunteer Information Contact


Privacy & Safety Contact

Director of Human Resources
604.467.4444 ext. 149

Why do we need a Criminal Record Check?

Over the past number of years, schools have been increasingly aware of a variety of risks that may affect students, and so have increasingly worked with insurers, police, emergency responders, the medical community and others in order to understand such risks, and to minimize them so that our children are safe. One such risk is the incidental contact with criminal offenders. Currently, all teachers, staff, and service providers to the school must have current criminal records checks. However, we are aware that volunteers often have great access to our children: They transport them, work in classrooms, help them in a variety of ways, provide governance, and support our school. In many ways, they are the heart of the school.

While we do not believe that any of our volunteers pose a risk to our children, the experience of other schools has led us to consider the use of criminal records checks for all of our volunteers. In order to make sure that this is an appropriate and comfortable experience, we have worked with the Federation of Independent Schools Associations to find a way of providing a criminal records check that is free, fast, and easy for our volunteers, as well as extremely confidential. Now that this supportive process is in place, we are asking all people, including parents, who volunteer at our school to provide us with this additional check so that we can assure our whole community that all possible processes are in place to ensure the safety of our children.

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