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Going Gaga for Gaga-Ball Flooring

To make our Gaga-Ball pits safer, Ms. Ashley Carlbeck’s Grade 6 Math classes were tasked with choosing and installing flooring for the pits around the campus.

As our Grade 6 students explain, it was not an easy task. Being our key mathematicians, they used measuring apparatuses, formulas, calculators, and spreadsheets to collect their data. It turns out, there was a lot more than just math that was involved in this project. In the end, it was a toss-up between three types of flooring. Let’s find out how they made their big decision!


The Process 


1. This year the grade 6 math classes analyzed and designed new flooring to install in the Gaga-Ball pits.

2. We measured the sides of the Gaga-ball pit with tape measures using meters and centimeters, and we measured the angles with a protractor. 

3. Then, we drew a rough drawing. We needed to work together to ensure we had correctly measured the Gaga-ball pit.

4. Next, we needed to create “to-scale drawings.”

5. These drawings required the use of a protractor to accurately measure the angles and we used a ruler to ensure we have the correct lengths of the sides.

6. We researched three different flooring options: Snap Grid, PlaySafe Shock, and DuraRubber. We learned that flooring dimensions are normally in imperial, feet rather than metric, meters. This meant we had to convert our measurements for the Gaga-ball pit. In 1 meter there are 3.28084 feet.

7. Now that we had our new dimensions in feet, we were able to determine how many pieces of each type of flooring were needed.

8. Because each type of flooring had different-sized pieces, we needed to do this three times.

9. To look at costs, we created a spreadsheet. We calculated the total cost of the flooring and then added shipping fees to determine the amount of taxes (PST and GST) and then we found the total.

10. To do this we created a spreadsheet and used formulas such as a summation formula.

11. Then, we researched the flooring and created a “pros” and “cons” list to decide which was the best for Meadowridge!


The Flooring Options

DuraRubber Flooring

✔️ Slip-resistant
✔️ Best durability, resistant to tears and punctures
✔️ Easy to install, move, and maintain
✔️ Multi directional drainage
✔️ Waterproof
✔️ Long-lasting
✔️ Won’t swell or curl
✔️ Good for both temporary and permanent use
✔️ Made of recycled materials

❌ Rough
❌ Rubber odour
❌ Mid-price

PlaySafe Shock Flooring

✔️ Easy to install and clean
✔️ Durable
✔️ Good grip, even when it’s wet
✔️ Slip-resistant
✔️ Good for outdoors
✔️ Multi-directional drainage

❌ Anti-slip could cause friction burns
❌ The flooring retains heat in hot weather
❌ Difficult to cut
❌ Surroundings need to be dry to install
❌ Most expensive

Snap Grid Flooring

✔️ Slip-resistant
✔️ Easy to maintain
✔️ Long-lasting
✔️ Good drainage
✔️ Best price

❌ Hard, spikey surface
❌ Breakable
❌ Difficult to cut into an octagon

The Best Option
So, which flooring did the Grade 6 classes choose? “In the end, we voted for DuraRubber Flooring!”