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Post-Secondary Counselling Journey

At Meadowridge, students start working with post-secondary counsellors early and often. 

During one-on-one meetings, information sessions, and collaborative talks with teachers, students increase their self-awareness, discover their passions, and define their post-secondary goals. The post-secondary program is structured so students define their priorities, acquire research skills, and learn to make important decisions while in an environment of teamwork and support. Come graduation, our goal is for students to choose universities where they will be creative, active contributors who thrive and excel. 

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  • Starting in Grade 9, students can seek support from anyone on the post-secondary counselling team at any point. 
  • Counsellors visit advisory classes in preparation for the Canadian Universities Event (CUE) and for the Career Roundtable.
  • Grade 9 to 12 students are invited to attend a series of information sessions about applying to universities around the world.


  • At the beginning of Grade 10, Counsellors visit students in Career Life Exploration to introduce the program and available resources. 
  • Students are assigned a Post-Secondary Counsellor who will stick with them through to graduation. 
  • Counsellors visit Advisory classes in preparation for CUE Event, Career Roundtable, and DP Course Selection. 
  • Optional information sessions offered include the registering for pSAT exams and understanding pSAT scores. 
  • Students are prepared for DP Course Selection through a series of activities hosted by the post-secondary team, including Course Selection Speed Dating with Grade 12 students and Teacher Talks. 


  • Each Grade 11 family has a Junior Interview with their assigned counsellor. 
  • With guidance and support from their Counsellor, students begin working on supplemental essays.
  • Students get full access to booking one-on-one meetings for support. 
  • In Grade 11, students participate in weekly Term 2 and 3 counselling classes where they can assess their profile, understand degree options, research programs and institutions, develop a prospective application list, learn about the application process, and explore and evaluate the concept of “best fit”. 
  • Grade 11 and 12 students attend a field trip to the VAIS US University Fair. 


  • Students can take their SAT exams at Meadowridge.
  • Students participate in weekly counselling classes where they are guided through different application platforms and can complete them with general support from post-secondary counsellors. 
  • Students get full access to booking one-on-one appointments for support, family meetings by request, practice Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) for medical school, and general interview support 
  • Students are offered various workshops and information sessions on scholarships, interviews, and more.
  • Later in the year, the post-secondary team helps students manage their offers and decisions before moving to transitional support.


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