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Gryphon Question: What was your first-ever concert?

Mr. Brian Spear, Project Manager
First Concert: Red Hot Chili Peppers
The first concert I went to was the Red Hot Chili Peppers at Pacific Coliseum. I was 14 years old and had no idea what to expect. Well, it was AWESOME and I’ll never forget how loud it was and the ringing in my ears on the way back to the bus to get home. I thought that I had gone deaf and done real hearing damage. My parents had a good chuckle when I told them I thought I had hearing loss and assured me that I was going to be just fine. 

After the Chilies, the flood-gates were opened for me. I’ve been to hundreds of shows, big like U2 at BC Place, small like Billy Talent at The Roxy, epic like Elton John in Las Vegas, Rock & Roll, EDM, Country, Hip Hop, Pop, Metal, Indy, the list is long.  

COVID-19 has put a bit of a kink in my live music obsession but hopefully now that things are opening up again, I’ll get to some more concerts in the near future because I’m itching to get back at it. Even if it’s The Paw Patrol or The Wiggles with my kids...I’m into it, let’s roll! Nothing quite like live music and iconic bands in my opinion. 

Ms. Courtney Higginson, Teacher
First Concert: Charlotte Diamond
The first concert that I ever went to was to the local library to see Charlotte Diamond perform and while this may not seem like a huge deal to see a children’s performer, her music has definitely been a presence in my life.  As a teacher I have played and taught her songs to my own students and as an adult we were able to take my niece to her very first concert which was also Charlotte Diamond. 

I must also admit that one of the highlights of my life was several years ago when Charlotte Diamond came and performed for our students at Meadowridge. I was thrilled to get to meet her and share my story but even more so, I was able to go up and sing and perform with her. I may have even cried that day!

My second concert was to New Kids on the Block for my sixth birthday. I remember that Boyz II Men were the opening act and my parents bought me my first band t-shirt. When I was twenty-six I went to their concert again when they began touring together after years apart. Boys to Men was once again part of the opening act. Music for me is lifelong.  

Mr. Nick Jackson, Teacher
First Concert: Oasis
I actually haven’t been to too many concerts, but the first concert I went to was at university when I was 21. I had the opportunity to see OASIS (best indie band ever!) in Nottingham and I went with my older brother and housemate. 

It was amazing and may have involved some crowd surfing during the final few songs. The last song was Champagne Supernova, which was a 7-minute song, so provided time for celebratory antics.