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The Pins of Meadowridge

Earning pins is a well-known Meadowridge tradition that students look forward to every year. Students show a significant amount of work and commitment in order to earn pins. As students get older, the desire to earn pins increases, as do the memories associated with each pin. We sat down with four students to learn more about their favourite pins, the memories behind them, and which ones they are most proud of. 

Liam S. // Grade 12
The pin that I am most proud to have earned is Meadowridge’s 25th Anniversary pin (1) from Grade 2. This pin was the most challenging one to get as only students who were enrolled at Meadowridge that year received the pin. I am lucky and grateful to wear it on my lapel as it is the rarest pin I have.

The Bronze and Silver Gryphon Pins (2) that I earned during my years in the MYP program have the fondest memories. These pins felt different from the ones I earned in elementary school because they required specific tasks and projects to earn them. When I was awarded these pins, it was my first experience going up in person to receive the pins and being recognized.

The Gold Gryphon Pin (3) I earned in Grade 11 was my first DP pin. I was so proud to earn this pin as I had finished my CAS project and all the tasks required to earn it.

Liam B. // Grade 9
The PYP Gryphon Graduation Pin (1) is a very memorable pin for me and is the pin that I am most proud to have earned. It reminds me of everything I accomplished, especially in Grade 5, to complete the PYP such as the clay projects, and all the field trips we got to go on. I remember going on a field trip to a space exhibit in Vancouver and that was so amazing. This was the first year that I had to really work hard on a project with the end goal of presenting it to others in the school to earn the pin. 

In Grade 6, I earned the 2019 Bronze Gryphon Pin (2) which was my first pin where I got to go up on stage to receive it and I was awarded it with honours - what a great memory. I was so happy that I was able to accomplish all the requirements, especially because I didn’t understand what the CAS requirements were, so I didn’t complete my service until the final term. I signed up to be a Grade 1 buddy and loved that.

In Grade 8, I was awarded the 2021 Silver Gryphon Pin (3) which was the most challenging one to get. With COVID, it was difficult to complete my out-of-school service with all the restrictions. I was able to organize my own service within my soccer club and was proud of myself for finding that solution.

Tyler B. // Grade 11
My first pin was the PYP Graduation Pin (1) that I received when I graduated from the PYP, and I remember sitting on the stage and being so proud of all the work to earn this pin. Our teachers then began to explain how the pin process worked and how we would get the opportunity to earn more throughout the MYP and DP. This moment was the first that sparked my interest in pins and earning them. 

The MYP Graduation Pin (2) is another pin that is the most memorable and holds the best memories. Every time I look down and see it on my lapel, I am reminded of all the hard work I accomplished in the MYP to earn this pin. This pin is like the beginning of an end as it symbolizes graduating from the MYP and moving onto the DP. I remember celebrating with my friends when we earned these pins and being so happy. I am most proud to have earned this pin.

In Grade 6, I earned the Bronze Gryphon Pin (3), which was my first experience earning a Gryphon Pin. There was no program like it in the PYP, but I had always heard everyone talk about it and was so excited when I finally earned my own. Wanting to earn this pin pushed me out of my comfort zone to try new things, which is something I am very proud of.

The Silver Gryphon Pin (4) that I earned in Grade 10 was the most challenging to earn. The requirements to earn this pin were slightly higher than previously earned pins so I had to challenge myself by not being afraid to step outside of my comfort zone and stay focused on my academics. I like that I can always look back at my pins and be reminded of my time at Meadowridge and everything that I have accomplished. 

Linda Z. // Grade 12
2018 was my first year at Meadowridge and I was very curious about pins from the start. I wondered what they were about and what I had to do to earn them. At the end of the school year, I was awarded a 2018 Silver Gryphon Pin (1) which was my very first pin. I still remember receiving this pin in person as it was before the pandemic and it was so memorable, especially with it being my very first.

The MYP Graduation Gryphon Pin (2) is another significant pin for me. After graduating from MYP in Grade 10, every student receives a Gryphon Pin. 2020 was the year of COVID and it was such a significant year with completing my personal project which was the biggest project I had ever completed. The topic of my personal project was “How do East Asian and Canadian cultures affect the parent’s perception of a child’s academics?” I wanted to know whether culture plays a role in education. I created a video where I combined all my interviewees’ responses. This pin reminds me of that year, my project, and how proud of myself I was.

The Whonnock House Pin (3) is a favourite pin of mine as it reminds me of Meadowridge’s house system. At my old school, there were no houses or spirit days so these were really unique experiences that I had by coming to Meadowridge. This is my only pin that is not academic-related, and it is part of my identity.

The pin that was most challenging for me to earn was my 2019 Silver Gryphon Pin (4). The Gryphon Pin requirements changed that year and we needed to serve in leadership which forced me to step outside of my comfort zone. It was not in my personality to be a leader and these new rules challenged me to seek volunteer opportunities which led to me starting my own club. In 2021, I started a Cultural Club as I wanted to introduce new cultures to students every week. This club is no longer running due to low enrollment, but this is something that I am so proud of and something that I would have never tried if I hadn’t come to Meadowridge.