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What does our Mission Statement mean to you?

Meadowridge School is a diverse community, uniting people of different ages from many places to live well, with others and for others, in a just community. This got Grade 11 student Isabella wondering, what does our Mission mean to the many people around the school? Ever the inquirer, she decided to find out.

About the Author
Isabella, Grade 11

Isabella has attended Meadowridge School for 13 years. With hopes of pursuing law in post-secondary, she has discovered the importance of journalism and mass communications in “telling the full story”.

Through this project, Isabella hopes to not only explore storytelling but also bring together students and teachers with the commonalities that connect them and the differences that make them unique. As for what the Meadowridge Mission means to her, the learner says this: 

"Living our Mission statement from a young age is what makes Meadowridge such a unique place to be educated; no matter what age, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity you are, the school’s compassionate environment will make you feel accepted." Isabella, Grade 11

"It’s important to follow this phrase so we can set a good example, and we help little kids be better people. When they grow up, they won’t be mean when they’re an adult if they see us being kind. If I see something that’s not right or I don’t approve of, I’ll stop them. If I see anything like bullying, I’ll tell them to stop." 
Justin and Isabella, Grade 5

"It’s important to follow the mission statement so I can be a good person. When I see someone who’s hurt, I help them. I play with people who are not included, and I help them when they’re being bullied. It’s important to be a good person and make everybody feel included." 
Cambria, Grade 3

"I have been learning to live well, with others, and for others, in a just community through taking advantage of opportunities, trying my best in class, asking questions, and respectfully learning. I have learned to see my peers not as competition but as individuals whom I can collaborate with in order to reach my goals. It is important to follow this mission statement as it allows for you to be a balanced and respectful Meadowridge citizen."
Aryana, Grade 11

"We have the mission statement painted on the wall and we refer to it as much as we can. The first unit I teach to students is about problem solving and the importance of working with other people. I want to help my students understand how to communicate within different communities, and how the IB learner profiles can be applied in any environment."
Ms. Walker, Grade 1 Teacher

"Following this statement lets me come to school and know most of the people here are my friends. I think being open minded, being able to observe how others feel before giving an opinion, and making sure what I say is mindful is important in keeping friendships alive."
Maya and Hailey, Grade 8