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What makes Meadowridge special?

School is an institution in which students and faculty come together to learn and educate. From the second you walk in the door, you can tell Meadowridge is more than that. Having been a student here for thirteen years, I’ve seen the community come together in unique ways that couldn’t be possible without the supportive staff and willing students. Personally, I think that’s what makes Meadowridge so special. The attitudes and interactions between any group of people in Meadowridge amplifies the desire to grow as a community and as individuals.

About the Author
Isabella, Grade 11

Isabella has attended Meadowridge School for 13 years. With hopes of pursuing law in post-secondary, she has discovered the importance of journalism and mass communications in “telling the full story”.

"Imagine a place where you can meet families from all around the world, a place where you can work alongside passionate educators and with students who are active and engaged. Meadowridge School is a special place because it is a community like no other. Our school unites people of common mind and with a common goal—to live well, with others and for others, in a just community. Up at the front desk, I get to welcome these students every day. And, with each passing year, watch them develop and grow."
Ms. Young, Administrative Assistant

"Meadowridge school is the best!"
Isabella S., Grade 5

"Meadowridge is special because it treats people very well. I think at other schools, the rules would be different, and there would be less respect. I like the rules here because they are based on respect and principles which help me become more caring."
Annabelle Z., Grade 2

"I think for me what makes Meadowridge special is the authenticity that people bring to what they do. When we talk about community here, it’s authentic. Whether student interaction, parent involvement, or desire for alumni to stay connected, Meadowridge tries to support growth in its students and staff. I try to give the same support and development I get from the school to both students and colleagues, which creates an environment I want to be in."
Mrs. Just, Post-Secondary Counsellor

"I don’t think many schools give students a voice. Here, we have student council, and the teachers are committed to helping us learn. They see the child before the student, and it makes everyone feel welcome. As well, the campus is really special! Meadowridge has a huge forest and is a huge school. Even better, there’s not many people at the school. There’s also a lot of school spirit because of spirit day and it gives students a chance to be proud to represent Meadowridge. The students also make it special because everybody loves to learn what Meadowridge teaches, like the IB learner profiles. The IB learner profiles and the ATLs make us better people. Without Meadowridge, I wouldn’t know any of the teachers here and I wouldn’t be the person I am."
Miffy T., Sean L., Erin Z., Adele B., Grade 5